Our story

From 1960-1964 E.C, the founder Teshome Jobira worked at a local candy factory where he learned how to make candy. He then quickly used his experience to establish his own company in 1965 E.C. Soon after, Teshome Jobira’s wife, Belayensh Desta, joined the company in 1967 E.C. Teshome Jobira and Belaynesh Desta have been managing, directing, and leading the company from its founding until now. Since 1965 E.C, the NIB CANDY FACTORY PLC has been the leading candy manufacturer in Ethiopia. NIB CANDY FACTORY PLC is a family owned business established to create more jobs, produce quality products, and plans to export Ethiopian-made products worldwide. Over the past 50 years, NIB has grown from ten employees to four hundred employees. Today, the second generation is involved leading the companyNIB candy FACTORY PLC supplies its products to thousands of retailers and wholesalers. NIB CANDY FACTORY makes a total of twenty different types of products and continues to add more products.  

NIB CANDY FACTORY manufacturing facility is located in Burayu, Oromia. The manufacturing facility sits at 15,000 Square meters of land.

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